​My own path towards optimal health began when I realized I could no longer live with a constant feeling of sluggishness, tiredness, and being overall uninspired. I knew I wanted to feel differently, but felt stuck in making a change. 


After taking some time to create a vision for the life I really wanted, I decided to make changes in those areas that would help me to live a healthy life with more confidence.

Focusing on those elements that were most important to me allowed me to identify what needed to change to give me the energy and inspiration needed to move forward with changes in all aspects of my life.

I was no longer held back by outdated, unnecessary habits and was free to focus on what was important to me. Though it was sometimes challenging, the journey has been worth it!

​I am a graduate of the Integrative Health Coach training program through Duke Integrative Medicine and in 2020 plan to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, identified by the acronym: NBC-HWC.

On a more personal level...

This is me (and one of my sisters!) in my happiest place: outside & in nature. I love the beach and sunny weather!

I grew up in a small, coastal California town where daily life included exposure to sandy beaches, sunny mountains, and redwood forests. These beautiful surroundings instilled in me a real love of nature and spending time outdoors. I know this time is beneficial in the dimension of my spiritual health.

While I currently reside in the Bay Area, any chance I get I'll make a camping road trip or a visit to Baja!


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I look forward to helping you along this transformational journey!

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