My Mission to provide a safe space for my clients to feel comfortable and inspired for their journey inward, and for the exploration and creation of a life where they will thrive.

Acceptance: my clients are invited & encouraged to be open with who they are. There is no need to hide anything or fear of being judged. I accept you as you are & ask you to bring whatever you need to our conversation.

Respect: I honor my clients, the choices they make, and the words shared with me. We are each credible.

Confidentiality: Our relationship and our conversations are sacred and to remain in our safe space.

Flowers in Pocket
Image by Aaron Burden

My Beliefs

I believe that good personal health is of utmost importance to lead a purposeful life. Understanding how to cultivate that on an individual level takes time, attention, & is a key first step in contributing to the world.

I believe to live a full & impactful life, cultivating your relationship with yourself is of greatest importance. Active introspection combined with meditation &/or prayers is where it starts.

I believe to lead yourself on the right path in our challenging world, aligning yourself with your unique values, beliefs, strengths, & desires is essential.

I believe in the power of a spiritual life where you are connected to something greater, to yourself, to others, to your environment, & your perspective of the transcendent (God, Universe, Spirit, Higher Power...).



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