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Updated: Jan 20

Given that 2020 kinda wiped away any opportunities of going the way we thought it would, we can say that we’ve learned a lot about how to navigate through tumultuous times.

And since we’re making hopeful baby steps towards a non-pandemic world, it’s a great time to revisit the goals and vision you have for your future and make adjustments based on what you’ve learned and who you’ve become over the past year or so.

Not only am I doing this myself now, but I’ve done it several times before and wished I’d done it before that.

Back when I was 26, I landed my dream job. After working for eleven years in restaurants and getting my hospitality degree I got a management position at a chic, high-end restaurant in San Francisco. Finally, I felt like it was all coming together for me.

Only to discover that my actualized dreams all felt so wrong. I wasn’t feeling anywhere near fulfilled.

I didn’t get it. I’d done all that I was supposed to do, working in the restaurant industry throughout college to get that exposure and experience to make sure this was what I wanted.

Oh yeah, and it happened to be right when the good ol’ Great Recession hit. Talk about disappointment. Not only were my long-held dreams crumbling but trying out a new and different career path when the economy around me was also crumbling felt impossible.

Thankfully, I was given a non-restaurant job opportunity that took care of me during those tough financial years. But I’m the kind of person that needs to have passion for her career and this job wasn’t anything I felt passionate about.

I felt totally lost. And instead of taking an inventory of myself and what I truly wanted, I fell into a pretty low state of being. My life became a revolving door of feeling depressed, lonely, and numbing myself with alcohol overuse and unhealthy relationships that only brought me further down.

I sort of tried listening to myself but the reality was that I pushed my inner wisdom away, and I wasn’t able to get up and out of my personal super-gloom. I pretty much just became comfortable there, and continually reinforced the idea that my life as it was, was just meant for me. It was a super shitty place to be, honestly.

The only teeny glimmers that kept me going in these rock-bottom moments was my love for meditation, yoga, and doing exercise workouts. I knew that my mind, body, and spirit (MBS) were all being fed like they were supposed to be. It was in those moments when I felt like myself, and like my sanity was still in there. Somewhere.

It took a (long) while but I finally got into integrating MBS practices more regularly. They did change over time: I still meditate and workout regularly; someday, I will be a yogi. The point is that until I paid real attention to my overall wellness and took serious action towards taking care of myself, I would’ve only continued to be disconnected from my authentic self.

The truth is, I wish I’d had a partner to help me on this long and painful journey. Not like a “life partner” but somebody who would willingly hear me out and really listen, who would provide me the support I needed, who could be there to talk out rewriting my future vision. Somebody who would inspire me to be ME.

At that time, there weren’t really a lot of coaches out there. It wasn’t a thing at all, like it is now. I feel lucky that I eventually found a therapist who also had coach training and she showed me what coaching was all about.

She showed me that taking care of myself and creating a solid, healthy lifestyle to uphold my optimum wellness and nurture my mind, body, and spirit was what was going to align me with the life I envisioned for myself.

Through that experience I realized I wanted to be a coach and help other people potentially avoid pain they didn’t need to experience and to find the courage and confidence to be themselves, to be connected to their true self.

My passion for hospitality isn’t gone but it has evolved. What I love about hospitality is what I love about coaching: showing care, being a part of creating positive experiences, and using my sensitivity to listen well. Teamwork is highly valuable to me and coaching is all about being team with my clients. It warms my heart so much.

It’s been a journey for sure, but I can positively say I’m content to be where I’m at and incredibly fulfilled to be coaching. And for the first time in my career life experience, I haven’t looked back.

Feeling like any of this resonates with you? Have you set yourself up for success and made accomplishments only to find they aren’t fulfilling you? Are you feeling down because you thought you had it all planned out to discover it doesn’t feel right? I’d love to hear about your story, so please feel free to reach out and share!

I’m here for YOU. Let’s work together and make a rewrite of your future vision.

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