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find your



Are you ready?

We're all different and have individual needs to bring our wellbeing to it's optimum level. If you're ready to take action towards having vitality combined with inner calm, let's get you started on the journey!

Discover your unique version of wellbeing


shift your perspective & get energized around your wellness

You're feeling unmotivated to get out of bed in the morning. Going through the day's motions on autopilot, it's like time is passing you by & you're wondering if you're going to get all you want out of life.

You know there are some changes you want to make in your life but can't seem to motivate yourself to move forward. 


This single session package will light you up & renew your energy about your future. Let's work together to build a strong foundation for you to move forward!


dive inward for authenticity

Launching mid-February 2021

Feeling like you're in a limbo state? Maybe you're feeling stuck and anxious about the future. Maybe you've reached a point in your life where you're looking for more. Maybe you have ideas about what you want for your future but can't seem to decide what's best for you.

Wherever you're at, let's work together to rewrite your vision for the authentic life you're ready for.

A six-session package over the course of three months, you'll apply dynamic techniques to create the meaningful life you envision.

Let me know you're interested and I'll follow up with details!


to yourself and others


The power of community is strong!


With a group of like-minded women, we'll come together to share, learn, soothe, and honor each other regardless of our individual paths.

This is a FREE get together that will happen twice a month, with a meeting topic emailed out a week in advance.

Interested? Please use the submit button below and let me know what kind of group topics you're interested in exploring in a group setting. (Some examples: spirituality, self-reflection, creativity, life purpose, self-awareness...whatever is on your mind!) Or, please feel free to let me know you're simply interested in getting an email with more info!


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